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our story 

With a rich 37-year history, HSI stands as a leading provider and developer of permanent, supportive housing. Our journey began as a  demonstration project under the Vera Institute of Justice in the 1980s, marking the inception of our dedication to creating stable homes for New Yorkers in need.

Our First Step: The Cecil Hotel

In 1988, HSI embarked on its mission with the trailblazing Cecil Hotel, which has now become a recognized city and national landmark, owing to its historical connection to Minton's Playhouse, the birthplace of Be-Bop. Providing 89 units, it has been a steadfast refuge and source of hope for individuals transitioning from the New York City shelter system ever since.


A Response to the AIDS Epidemic

During the heart of the AIDS epidemic's devastating impact on New York City, HSI played a pivotal role by developing one of New York State's earliest dedicated nursing facilities for individuals living with the virus. As the crisis deepened, we recognized the need for more comprehensive solutions.


The Birth of Narragansett

In 1994, HSI responded with the creation of the Narragansett. Nestled in the vibrant Upper West Side, this 104-unit mixed-use building included accommodations specifically designated for those facing significant health challenges. Furthermore, it offered rent-stabilized apartments to serve low and middle-income households, thus addressing a broader spectrum of housing needs.


A Decade of Growth and Impact

The subsequent decade witnessed HSI's development of over 2,000 units of low-income and special-needs housing across 17 projects throughout the tri-state area. We not only provided homes but also extended our expertise in financing, development, and project management to other non-profit groups, ensuring a collective commitment to addressing the housing crisis.

Kenmore Hall: A Transformational Endeavor

In 1996, we took ownership of Kenmore Hall, a 327-unit facility seized in the largest asset forfeiture by the federal government at that time. In collaboration with U.S. Marshals and the City of New York, we set out to revamp and provide services to low-income, special-needs New Yorkers. Our efforts were nationally recognized, receiving the prestigious 1999 Best Practices Award from HUD and becoming a finalist for the Fannie Mae Foundation Maxwell Award for Excellence.


Meeting Evolving Needs

As part of our ongoing commitment to address emerging and constant challenges, HSI operates a Scatter Site I Program in Upper Manhattan and the Bronx, designed to support families and individuals with specific healthcare needs. In 2011, we expanded this initiative fourfold in response to the increasing representation of families with children in the homeless population.

Our Journey Continues

In 2022, we marked the next milestone in our mission by opening The Bedford, a 13-story building housing 108 units. It provides a diverse range of housing options, including affordable supportive housing, senior living (AIRS), and low-income family housing. The available units encompass studios, one-bedroom, and two-bedroom apartments, ensuring we meet a wide spectrum of housing needs. The Bedford is a LEED Platinum site, and offers an array of amenities, from community spaces to green roofs, underscoring our commitment to sustainable and resilient solutions.

A Vision for a Better Future

At HSI, we remain steadfast in our belief that permanent supportive housing is a cornerstone solution for those at the highest risk, and safeguarding and expanding the affordable housing stock in New York is paramount to ending homelessness. Our story is one of relentless dedication, transformative impact, and unwavering commitment to building a better future for all.

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