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At HSI, our work revolves around the creation of clean, secure, and affordable housing that transcends the mere concept of shelter. We believe in transforming not just buildings and neighborhoods, but, most importantly, lives.


Our apartments are more than furnished spaces; they're the canvas for a fresh start. Each unit is thoughtfully equipped with essential items, including a comfortable bed, dresser, nightstand, table, chairs, and appliances. Yet, that's only the beginning. HSI buildings are designed to provide a comprehensive living experience, offering a rich array of amenities. These include inviting learning centers, state-of-the-art CCTV systems for enhanced security, accessible emergency food pantries, inviting community rooms for communal activities, round-the-clock front desk staff, and live-in superintendents who ensure the well-being of our cherished residents.


However, the true heart of our housing lies in affording our tenants the dignity of having their own private apartments, complemented by the highest quality services available right on-site. Our holistic approach is centered on breaking the cycle of chronic homelessness permanently.


Our commitment to our tenants extends far beyond providing a roof over their heads. We offer a spectrum of services that include case management, personalized counseling, support groups, relapse prevention programs, psychiatric care, medical services, educational and vocational support, and seamless care coordination. 

Everyone needs
a home 

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