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the model 

HSI’s permanent supportive housing programs strength and success lies in our centralized approach, where all functions are performed by the agency, including social services, front desk/security, facility maintenance, and administration. Each department is charged with the same objectives: keeping our tenants housed and living as independently as possible.

the holistic effect

95% of individuals and families who enter a HSI permanent supportive housing program remain housed and do not return to the shelter system.

how it works

We employ a housing first, harm reduction approach that is person-centered and outcome-oriented, enabling homeless individuals to address the complex barriers to their health and housing stability by:

​delivering safe, clean, permanent homes without conditions  - ​our tenants are not required to meet any prerequisites before moving into HSI housing including attaining sobriety, going through rehabilitation programs, or receiving mental health treatment. 


providing access to wide-ranging on-site services ​that are elective and customized  -  targeting the root causes of homelessness that resulted in displacement originally including poor health, untreated mental illness, chemical dependency and lack of educational and vocational opportunities. HSI programming is comprehensive, tailored to each individual's needs.  

promoting community - HSI strives to reconnect residents to social networks, knowing the strength community participation promises. With the opening of Kenmore Hall's learning center in 2007, HSI introduced RISE, our creative arts and educational programming that supports life-long learning. Classes and activities include computer literacy, job search, theater workshops, writing classes, visual art courses and so much more.

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